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About Us

International and regional transport

We are introducing our company on our website, which started operating in 1990, since the beginning of private businesses in the Slovak Republic. Number of employees: 12


International and regional transport
– We provide transport of various materials and goods with solo vehicles up to max. load capacity 9.8t. (No ADR).
We also provide spedition and related services.


Please feel free to download our individual documents here.
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Solo vehicles with canopy

Type (pcs) Capacity (t) Volume (m3) Nr. of Europaletts (pcs) Max. heigth (m)
MAN TGM 18T 1 9,8 53 20 2,6
IVECO EUROCARGO 12T 2 5,8 47 18 2,6
IVECO EUROCARGO 7,5T 1 3,0 32 14 2,3
IVECO EUROCARGO 7,5T 1 2,5 40 16 2,5
IVECO EUROCARGO 7,5T 1 2,7 34 14 2,3

Boxed trucks

Type (pcs) Capacity (t) Volume (m3) Nr. of Europaletts (pcs) Max. heigth (m)
Fiat Ducato 3,5T 1 1,4 10 5 1,74
Renault Master 3,5T 1 1,4 10 5 1,82


In addition to domestic transport, our company provides international transport across the EU. We do not transport to the former states of the Soviet Union and Bulgaria.


We communicate in Slovak, Hungarian, English and German using mobile phones and via the Internet.

We hope that the information on our website will inform you about the possibilities of our company. If you need more detailed information, please, call us, we will also inform you after working hours and on holidays.

We look forward to cooperation and we will be happy to show interest in our services.

Owner: Ing. Tibor Szép
Ing. Eleonóra Szép

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us!